How It Works

Creating a patent for an innovation is very expensive and time consuming, but publishing the idea so it cannot be patented is very cheap. By publishing and dating the ideas and innovative steps we ensure that they have ‘prior art’ ensuring restrictive patents cannot be gained and levelling the playing field for all.

Prior Art is when ‘there is evidence that someone, somewhere, sometime previously has described or shown something that is very similar to your invention.’

The ‘Database of Ideas’ is placed online with no access restriction and, through the ‘principles of innovation’ we will constantly add 1000’s of ideas every month across a wide range of industries.

How is it possible to have all these ideas?

TRIZ is an established system of innovative thinking which takes a starting point (the restrictive patent) and then builds small step improvement to each element of the idea. No individual step is a giant leap, but the published ideas surround every aspect of the patent with improved ideas. This is done in an automated way using our Prometheus Ideas Generation Machine so we can surround 1000’s of patents at a time.

The Database of Ideas can then be used in three ways;

  1. To resist the introduction of new restrictive patents because they will be subject to prior art.
  2. People being threatened by restrictive patent holders can check ‘The Database of Ideas’ to see if a patent has been superseded.
  3. Entrepreneurs can view it for new ideas to match their skills.

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